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Pub Rides

In the summer we organize rides to the local pub for a drink and a meal.

To join us on a pub ride we do ask that you join us for a normal hack beforehand so that we can get to know what your ability is like first. 

We even allow pub rides for our teenage riders which are strictly no alcohol, but they are still able to enjoy a soft drink and a meal at the pub. 

Please keep a look out on our “News” page for dates of rides.

Tipton Hall Riding School
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Licence Holder: Roger Benbow
Licence Number: N-RID02

"Just a quick thank you to Roger for the horse ride yesterday. Both my son and I loved it, Josh was not very sure about the idea, but really enjoyed it!"

Many Thanks

"Tipton Hall Riding School – best place in the world, so many happy memories!:)"

Many Thanks

"I had the chance to ride with Mattie today… wow Tipton Hall Riding School you’ve done such a great job! He put me to shame!!!"


"Thank you Tipton Hall Riding school for a great long ride and taking us for a splash through the stream…  I have had so much fun cantering and galloping with an egg/bunny hunt at the end."


"One very happy little girl tonightJ Thank you Tipton Hall Riding School."


"Thank you Sue and Roger at Tipton Hall Riding School, Imogen and her friends had a fantastic time at her party today."